Our Story

In 2018 Greg (one of our co-founders) was unfortunately involved in a near fatal motorbike accident and during a period of forced rehabilitation his daughter went out and didn’t return till the early hours. Millie explained she spent the night being paid to drive friends from one party to the next  that all her friends were doing it.

Millie explained:-

• Taxi’s and ride hailing apps were too expensive
• car-pooling with strangers was too weird and that buses too infrequent.
• car insurance was so extravagant her friends would do anything to help recoup monies
• collecting money was a nightmare
• no simple way to work out costs or automate payments

The pair spent the next few months exploring what Apps were available (short answer, none), insurance issues, HRMC, safety, planning rides, riding with strangers, costs etc. — Slowly the idea of SKOOT was born.

Along that journey Greg re-contacted with Strings, someone he’d worked with who had a wealth of experience in marketing and PR.

The more they talked about what SKOOT, how big the problem was for young people around mobility, safety and cost, the more they realised how interesting and incredibly exciting it was and they embarked on a journey together to build and launch SKOOT.

Team Skoot

What binds us together is our unified collective spirit to achieve our simple vision

“Global mobility platform, creating a cleaner, greener, win-win world, at the touch of a button”

Whilst having a business focused on our vision is key, the journey is often more important than the destination, therefore how we all act and behave whilst on that journey is critical.

We’re bound by some simple values and mantra’s that anchor us, at our core is the idea of “win-win” and “what would a friend do”, it’s the lens we look at the world, and we are judged by. Irrespective of title, age, race, time employed, or location.

We believe it’s possible to have a really successful business where staff, investor, customers, and the planet all win.

There are cultural and gender nuances  but being ambitious and having audacious goals we don’t see as being an excuse for having a poor moral compass.

We’re a growing team of 23 people, spread across 10 countries, speak lots of different languages, and have diverse and interesting backgrounds.

Business is not black and white, we are often dancing in the grey. But our values hopefully provide a framework for the right from wrong.

Working at SKOOT

We’re a growing Team and always on the look-out for brilliant people. 

Currently we’re looking for:-

• Front End and Backend developers, iOS and Android Native.
• Brand Ambassadors to promote the brand
• Micro and macro influencers who want to promote a cleaner greener way to travel .

Contact Vinnie at - [email protected]

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