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Trees planted

drive. plant free trees. offset your carbon.

SKOOT, the only carbon negative green navigation app for drivers. Just drive and grow with our 1 Million Free Tree Challenge.

Trees planted
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FRee tree for every drive

Whether it's SKOOTing the commute, the school run or just driving, we'll plant a tree every trip to offset your carbon - just drive and grow!

Grow your own virtual forest

Shrink your carbon and grow your forest every drive - like the superhero you are.

Compete with friends in the race to net zero

Virtual leaderboards show you who has planted the most trees to create cleaner, greener, skies.

Invite friends for 5 free trees

We'll plant 5 free trees for EVERY friend who joins us on our carbon negative journey.
Why Lift-Share?

Owning a car is expensive

Save money and ride with drivers in your network rather than paying for taxis or the upkeep of a car

Ensure Everyone Pays The Right Fare

Auto calculates the fair price without haggling based on calculated petrol costs

Avoid riding with people you don’t know

Remove the worry of catching COVID from public transport and ride with drivers in your network.

Public transport is rarely direct

Getting lifts means that you can get to your destination directly.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We ensure every journey is carbon negative. Planting 1 tree every drive. Plus getting lifts reduces congestion.
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How do i offset my carbon?

Offset your carbon automatically by planting 1 tree every

How can I reduce congestion?

Reduce single car occupancy and car usage with SKOOT's in-built lift sharing feature.

Getting anywhere can be costly!

Reduce car running costs and earn extra money by giving lifts.

It’s awkward asking for fares

Automatically calculate and collect the the cost of your journey from passengers without the haggling.

I’m worried about Covid

Safely provide lifts for people you know and remove the worry of using public transport.
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CLICK to use Skoot as a Rider
Click to use Skoot as a Driver

Step one

Hit 'Drive Now', start driving and once your journey has finished hit 'Finish' to plant your tree.

Step Two

Just enter your car details so we can offset the right amount of carbon and driving licence for safety. We'll do the rest.
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Step three

Put in your destination and send invites so people can join you on your drive.

Step four

You can decide how much you want to charge. SKOOT suggests price per seat.  Cashless collections.
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5 FREE trees on download to start your forest
5 FREE trees when you refer a friend