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Plant a tree every time you drive

We're the only carbon negative navigation app for drivers. Simply use SKOOT every time you drive to record your trip and plant a tree, whether you need navigation or not.

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How it works

1 tree every drive

Whether you're commuting, doing the school run or just getting around, we'll plant a tree every trip to offset your carbon

View your impact

We'll keep track of every tree you plant, and show you the total amount of emissions you have offset so far

Climb the leaderboard

We place all of our SKOOTers on our virtual leaderboard so you can see who's planted the most trees and offset the most CO2

Simple navigation

Our navigation system gives you turn-by-turn instructions to arrive on time. Already know the way? No worries we'll still plant a tree

How to start planting

Simply open up the SKOOT app and tap 'Drive now' to start your trip. SKOOT will ask if you want directions, or just want to drive and plant.

Share your trip

Once you've started your journey, you can share your live location and your ETA with any of your contacts.

Reduce emissions for your business

Imagine a world where your employees' commutes are climate friendly with real-time tracking and reporting.

Encouraging carpooling also improves traffic congestion, further reducing carbon emissions.

Lots more features

Carpooling, Reporting, Cost-sharing and more

As well as planting as you drive, SKOOT also enables you to lift-share with your friends, and even split the cost of driving. Download to start exploring.

Planting certified trees

Our planters, Eden Reforestation work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, creating jobs, protecting ecosystems and helping mitigate climate change.

"Along with their commitment to improving the environment, SKOOT is dedicated to supporting Eden Reforestation Projects' work in uplifting developing communities by empowering them through fair-wage employment to become agents of global reforestation."

Debra Crawford
Chief Development Officer, Eden Reforestation

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